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Welcome to “State Of Flux”, a joint operated blog venture between myself and my friend Rob. On this blog we post about all things geek/nerd related.

I hope our readers enjoy visiting this page, and feel free to comment on our posts 😉

A little about Ken aka QuantumFlux1535

Note from Rob: Though it may seem otherwise, the one known as Ken isn’t dead.. he may however be mostly dead and not available to edit this (read: he has a busy life, no free time). This is why I make most of the posts lately as well, but stick around and he’ll show up eventually.

Okay boys and girls, I’m alive and well; as Rocketman has stated a while back.

So you all want to know about me,QuantumFlux, eh?

Very well, I’ll indulge you, but only just this once. I’m a thirty year old man who’s returning to school (college, naturally). To offer some specificity, my goal is to earn a certificate as a radiology/ diagnostic imaging technician.

In my spare time (which there has been precious little of, as of late) of movies (avid movie buff), videogames, comics, and just books in general. My favorite genre revolves around sci-fi and fantasy.

I am a nerd, but from the entertertainment POV’ so with that mentioned, my posts will be primarily involved in reviewing, complaining, or just general droning and rambling about aforementioned topics. With that all said, please do enjoy this blog!

A little about Rob aka RocketMan47

So.. about me…

Well my name is Rob and I am a native of southern Arizona, thus making me a desert dweller. Despite growing up in easily one of the warmest areas of the country I have a surprising tolerance for colder temperatures, though having not lived on the northeast of the country I am assured I have not yet experienced true cold, which I am willing to believe. I will note for the record though that despite AZ’s reputation of hot desert climate, that is only southern AZ. Northern Arizona is actually much cooler due to the higher altitude and can even experience semi-regular snow storms in the winter. Where I live in the southern part of the state though.. snow doesn’t exist (except when the planet is broken, which has happened some recently).

I am a massive space buff. I enjoy anything related to space: astronomy, cosmology, space exploration; but most of all, I enjoy spacecraft and the mechanisms used to travel in space. This in my youth led to a huge interest in science fiction from when my parents introduced me to Star Trek to seeing Star Wars to pretty much everything relevant since then. When I got older I decided I wanted to translate my love of fictional spaceships into the world of real spacecraft. As a result I now have a Bachelor’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering with a focus on Astronautical Engineering. In short, I am freaking rocket scientist. Yeah, it’s pretty awesome, tell your friends. My bragging rights as of lately are a bit hollow though because the current job market due to recent economic events for my field is not very forgiving (read: I can’t find a damn job).

So I am living my life in a state of flux (hey.. that’s the name of the blog!) for now until I can find a job using my degree and actually begin a real life. In the mean time to avoid the growing tide of insanity in my mind I keep my self occupied with my two biggest passions, space and science fiction. I am constantly looking for new sci-fi books to read to the point where I amass reading dockets so large it takes me a long time to actually get around to reading a book I am actually interested in. I also am an avid sci-fi TV and Movie fan from Star Trek (one of my first true Sci-fi loves) to Doctor Who (more recent from me but definitely one that stole my heart). I also am a gamer who enjoys many types of games but tends to gravitate toward a specific genre… you guessed it, games with a sci-fi element. Especially space sci-fi (they go so well together). This can include large AAA titles like Dead Space to smaller indie games like Kerbal Space Program.

I am a big fan of Hard Science Fiction specifically which is sci-fi stories with an emphasis on realistic or mostly accurate science. Good examples of that would be classics from Arthur C. Clarke, Robert Heinlein, and Issac Asimov, but there are a lot of contemporary hard sci-fi stories too, though not as many as I would like to see. I also tend to be a story science critic as a result and am a proponent for stories to use better science even when I understand why that may not bother (especially in Hollywood movies and TV shows) because I believe it doesn’t hurt the story at all, but in fact enhances it.

Beyond constantly lurking on the internet, I write for this blog when I feel up to it, this could mean I do a post once every 1.5 weeks or so but if I miss an interval it is just because I got busy with something else or whatever. Basically I don’t keep a rigid update schedule and write when I feel like it (guess why this about page took so long, lol). I also am friends with various people in other online communities, though my activity in various communities seems to change yearly. I am friends with Jessica a.k.a. Allahweh from Allahweh’s Domain and am a recurring co-host on the third season of her Gaming Goddess podcast. So if you listen to that lately and you hear that nerdy guy on there more than once, that is very likely me.

I am also currently in the early stages of writing my own original science fiction novel. Not much I am willing to reveal publicly about that yet though. Other assorted interests of mine include character role-playing (no not that kind of role-playing for you pervs that were thinking it), character and story creation (even if it doesn’t go anywhere), TV/Movies/Gaming in general from sci-fi to many other genres including action, drama, comedy, etc. I am also a big amateur history buff and enjoy researching what once was to compare to now and also to imagine what might have been. Particularly entertaining period in history to me include: Ancient Rome, American Civil War, Italian Renaissance, and Golden Age of Space Flight (1960s-70s). I am also a futurist (I research what kind of advances in science and technology we might discover to further ourselves as a civilization in the future), and a skeptic which means I question everything and don’t blindly accept something as fact without proof, this means I am also a heavily curious person who loves to learn new things and be proven wrong. I believe that critical thinking and logic are essential, but unlike Vulcans I do embrace emotions as well, hence why I can be such a geek and love it.

Want to get in contact with me? There are some options below you can try, you may or may not succeed.

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